Sales Books


7 Steps To Get More Clients (Charlie Cook)

8 Secrets of Powerful Advertising

30 Ways To Increase Billing

33 Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising

46 Ways To Generate Business

50 Self Help Classics

55 Sensational Secrets for Speakers

101 Motivational Quotes

Art of Getting Money (P.T. Barnum)

Good Company

Green Eggs & Ham (Dr. Seuss)

Hand Shadows (Dan O'Day)

How To Educate Your Clients (Dan O'Day)

How To Make Your Radio Station Invincible (Dan O'Day)

How to Market & Promote Your Business (Tom Egelhoff)

Making Ads Work (Wizard of Ads)

Meet Murray - Why Selling to Business Owners Doesn't Work

Never Hire A Bad Salesperson Again

Planet of the Sewer Monkeys

Popularity Factor

Professional Radio Selling

RKO Sales Training Manual

Sales Winners Handbook

Six Deadly Small Business Marketing Mistakes (Tom Egelhoff)

Six Million Dollar Manager

Small Town Advertising Handbook

Telemarketing For Radio Stations

Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)

Through The Eyes of the Retailer

Who Moved My Cheese

Wizard of Ads (Roy Williams)

Wizard of Ads-Magical Worlds (Roy Williams)

Wizard of Ads-Secret Formulas (Roy Williams)