Creative Ads


What’s the one thing you want a radio listener to do after they hear your message?

Your answer to that question starts the creative process here at Oxford Media Group. We’ll strategize and script the best ways to deliver your message, from memorable branding jingles to hard-hitting direct response copy.  Our creative team has produced thousands of radio commercials that command attention and give clear direction, inspiring listeners to take action.

Examples of some great commercials are below.  However, if you want an average-sounding, mediocre radio commercial, the kind most businesses write for themselves and the kind most local stations produce, check out Dan O’Day’s Bad Commercial Generator at  It’s a great example of how NOT to do it, but if you like mediocrity, feel free to use it anyway.

We Produce Effective Ads

You only get 30-seconds, so it makes sense to have a radio ad that’s attention-getting, compelling, and motivates customers to do business with you. Unfortunately, most local radio commercials don’t. At Oxford Media Group, we specialize in ads that work.

The Lampost

A great ad produced for a lighting company in Victoria, British Columbia.

Phoenix Embroidery

Incorporating the client’s voice into a local ad makes it more memorable.  Here’s a great example produced by OMG’s Chris Green.

Shotgun House Barbecue

Even small local businesses need good radio ads. At Oxford Media Group, we deliver.

Oxford Creamery

We all love ice cream, and Oxford Creamery loves the results they get with this effective radio ad.

Wildfire in Wonderland

A catchy ad produced for a Tupelo, MS based hot sauce.

Copy Time & Safari Liquors

This unique dual business uses this effective radio ad to bring in more customers.



Sometimes a little creativity is required.  Here’s a good example of an ad we did for Sammie’s in Martin, Tennessee.