Tierra Whack talks origins of her newly released “old” song, “Chanel Pit”



Tierra Whack said her latest song, “Chanel Pit,” is really only new to fans.

The Philadelphia native delved into the makings of the track, revealing in a recent Apple Music interview that she dug it up from the archives before releasing it to the world.

“The song has been, it’s been sitting for a while. I made it a few years ago,” Whack said.

Whack said she has lots of music stacked away, but she dropped “Chanel Pit” because of the response it got anytime she’d play it for people. “Their eyes would just light up,” she said.

When it comes to the first line of the song — it’s also the song’s chorus — “I think I wrote it down in my notes and then I went to the studio and I just was like, ‘I got to start with this line: Mosh pit smell like Chanel,"” she said.

“Mhm, mosh pit smell like Chanel, hm / Yes, Microsoft, I’ma excel, hm,” she raps.

As for the origin of the line, “I actually was in the mosh pit. I was going crazy, just having fun.”

There’s even a unique story for the song title.

“I had this friend, I think I was at an event, a show, a concert or something, and he pulled up and he said he knew that I was there because he knows my scent.”

Whack said she’d been wearing the same Chanel Gabrielle for years and it’s her signature scent.

“I was walking, he was like, ‘I smell Whack. She’s here.’ Then he made his way backstage and he found me,” she recalled.

“Chanel Pit” is one of the songs expected to show up on her new album, which Whack promised is on the way.

“Top of the year, it’s coming.”

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