Offset credits *this* rap star with inspiring his solo career


After Offset set the tone for modern-day rap groups as a member of Migos, he began to forge his own path in hip-hop as a solo artist. 

There’s one person in particular Offset says helped him to make the jump to a solo career: Tyler, the Creator

“It was a year ago, at the Roc Nation Brunch, and I was telling [Tyler] my vision of being a standout artist and a solo artist and reinventing myself,” Offset says in a new GQ interview. “I was glorifying him, telling him, ‘I respect how you stay in character [for each album]."”

Offset recalls Tyler telling him to “do it,” noting his belief that fans might not take to the newness at first but they’ll eventually come around to his reimagined image. 

“They always sleep on it, and then you show them throughout the process,"” Tyler said.  

Offset says he took the advice to heart, so his Michael Jackson alter ego came to life and he incorporated it in music videos like “Fan.”

The “Worth It” rapper told The Hollywood Reporter he channels the King of Pop in his music and fashion because MJ is his “favorite artist in the world.”

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