New music from Cardi B might be on the way: “Would y’all mind?”


Cardi B says fans might just be in for new music before the end of 2023.

The rapper took to social media with the update that she’s pondering the thought of dropping a project, but she’s not quite sure what it’d be. 

“I was thinking about being really quiet, really private but I don’t know.” Cardi is heard saying in a voice note shared by The Neighborhood Talk.

She added, “Maybe I should just — maybe I should put a little something, something out before the year ends.”

Cardi then threw out the idea of her creating something simple, like a music video from the comfort of her own home kitchen. “Would y’all mind?” she asked.

“I don’t really have nothing planned for right now” she continued, adding she’ll put more thought into the idea.

Cardi wrapped by noting that she’s compelled to put out music because “I feel like I gotta talk my s*** a little bit.”

Cardi’s latest projects include her latest Megan Thee Stallion collaboration, “Bongos,” which she performed at the 2023 MTV VMAs, as well as a series of songs with her rapper husband, Offset, including “Jealousy” and “Freaky.”

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