Lil Durk readies new single “Smurk Carter”


This new music Friday will feature fresh sounds from “The Voice” that is Lil Durk

The Chicago rapper announced his upcoming single, “Smurk Carter,” which apparently is an homage to two influential rappers that came before him: Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. It’s expected to drop November 10.

Durk took to Instagram to share the song’s cover art, which sees him channeling Wayne with a purple camouflage BAPE hoodie, similar to the one the “A Milli” rapper wore to 2005 BET Awards. Durk finished the look with a few face tattoos that match the ones permanently etched into Wayne’s forehead and cheeks. 

As for the nod to Hov, that can be found in the song’s title, which includes Jay’s last name, Carter.

It’s not the first time Durk praised the New York rapper in such a way: He often refers to himself as the “Chicago Jay-Z,” a nickname he also used in his song “The Voice.” 

“I’m Durkio but I’m Chicago’s Jay Z,” he raps.

Durk previewed the track at an event earlier this week. Fans on the internet urged him to release not only the song but the deluxe version of Almost Healed, just as he’d promised

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