Keke Wyatt reveals her new, “freeing” hairdo


Keke Wyatt recently made a change to her physical appearance by shaving all of the hair off her head. 

She debuted the new look in a post shared with her 1.7 million followers on Instagram. “OMGGGGGGG!!! Why do I feel SOOOO FREE?” she said, noting she thinks cutting hair down to the scalp is “a must do!!!”

The reveal featured Keke slowly pulling back her sweatshirt hood to showcase the new hairdo. Although one of her 11 children, Bella, poked fun and laughed at her, Keke continued grinning throughout the video, saying in an excited manner, “So. I did this today.” 

Keke recently premiered her WE tv reality show, Keke Wyatt’s World, and announced her not-yet-titled, forthcoming album — the first in six years. 

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