From rapper to politician: ‘The Honorable: Shyne’ doc to chronicle the former Bad Boy rapper’s life


Moses Michael Levi Barrow, known in the music world as Shyne, will soon have his life on full display in the upcoming biopic The Honorable: Shyne.

The former artist, who was signed to Diddy‘s Bad Boy record label, transitioned from hardcore rap genius to politician more than 10 years ago. Barrow, a native of Belize, currently holds office as the Leader of the Opposition in the Belize House of Representatives and leader of the Belize United Democratic Party.

According to Billboard, the biopic, currently in production via Andscape, ESPN’s Black-focusing platform, will document Barrow’s life journey. It will include influential moments in his music history, such as the 1999 shooting incident that led to his almost nine-year incarceration. 

Barrow told Billboard of the documentary, “Immigrating from Belize to Brooklyn as a child left to survive and thrive in the concrete jungle of New York, hip-hop had a massive influence on my life, giving me the space and community to explore my creativity and amplify the voice of my pain and purpose. The difficult decisions of my life have shaped me into the person I am today, steadfast in my desire to build a better life for the people of Belize and humanity.”

He added, “By bringing my story to audiences, I hope to inspire them to find the indomitable spirit within so they can overcome all adversities and be the best version of themselves positively impacting their part of humanity with their unique footprint as I have done through music, faith and public service.” 

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