Boosie BadAzz says he likes to act a fool because of his rough life: “I’m happy to be living”


Oftentimes, rapper Boosie can be found on the internet yelling loudly into his phone about something that may be bothersome, speaking candidly on topics he deems important or acting as the life of the party, like he did from his seat at the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards.

When asked on the carpet of the award show where his liveliness stems from, Boosie told ABC Audio he enjoys life to the best of his ability because there were many times in the past when he couldn’t. 

“It comes from me going through so much in life,” the rapper said after joking he was most looking forward to enjoying his alcoholic beverage at the show. 

“I’m happy to be here. I’m happy to be living. I went through a lot,” he added. “So, you know — and still going through it. So, this is what balances it out.”

Boosie, born Torrence Hatch Jr., who grew up in a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, neighborhood often cited as being known for drugs and violence, has spoken publicly about losing his father at 14, being a young rebel and learning from the streets growing up. It’s because of this whirlwind of a life journey that now, as a successful and beloved rap artist, he makes the most of every day. 

“Me being me is what balances it out and what keeps me sane and lets me know that I’m blessed,” Boosie said.

As for his viral wild rants that circulate the internet and sometimes result in the deactivating of his social media pages, Boosie said the people love him, adding, “I can’t be banned.”

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