A hip-hop Thanksgiving: Here’s what Latto, Brandy, Safaree & Hitman Holla are serving up this year


Because it’s almost turkey time, ABC Audio caught up with a few music stars who dished on what they’re serving up on the food-filled holiday. 

It’ll be a feast of Caribbean favorites for Safaree and family, who celebrate Thanksgiving with a “big Jamaican” spread. 

“We don’t do turkey,” he said. Instead, they cook up “a lot of oxtail, curry goat” and more island staples. 

As for who’ll be fluffing the rice and peas, Safaree said he cooks. He started chefing it up about two years ago and learned to do so thanks to his children. 

Latto, on the other hand, will be up a day in advance preparing her traditional American feast.

Like in recent years, she’s in charge of hosting and is most looking forward to cooking her famous collard greens. 

“Everybody love my collard greens, can’t never go wrong. I never have messed up collard greens,” she said.

For the pork lovers, don’t even think about showing up to Latto’s house — the rapper’s coveted leafy veggie option comes complete with turkey neck bones or drumsticks. 

There’ll be no meat whatsoever on Hitman Holla‘s plate, seeing as he’s a vegetarian. Pile up the yams, mac and cheese, corn bread and all the other Thanksgiving side dishes. 

The chef in Hitman’s house? His girlfriend, Cinnamon, handles it all. 

Brandy also isn’t usually found in the kitchen. The singer leaves the roasting and baking to her mom. 

What’s Brandy most looking forward to this year and every holiday season? “Everybody coming together and just sharing memories and laughing,” she said. 

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