Winter storm live updates: Over 1,400 flights canceled as storm slams Northeast


(NEW YORK) — A major winter snowstorm is hitting the northeastern United States on Tuesday and could wreak havoc on roadways from New York City to Boston.

The fast-moving storm is expected to last only from Tuesday morning to Tuesday afternoon, but it could bring up to 1 foot of snow to parts of the Northeast.

Here’s how the news is developing:

Feb 13, 9:21 AM
Over 1,400 flights canceled

More than 1,400 flights have been canceled Tuesday, with airports in New York City and Boston hit the hardest.

Feb 13, 8:18 AM
Snow totals so far

The storm is hitting fast, with some in the Northeast waking up to massive snowfalls.

Jim Thorpe in eastern Pennsylvania has recorded 10.5 inches of snow so far, while Port Jervis, by the New York-New Jersey border, has seen 8.5 inches.

Feb 13, 8:07 AM
‘Avoid travel if possible’

The wet, heavy snow slamming the Northeast is bringing dangerous conditions to the roads.

Snowfall rates have reached 1 to 2 inches per hour Tuesday morning.

“Use extra caution or simply avoid travel if possible this morning,” the National Weather Service in New York advised.

Feb 13, 7:12 AM
Over 1,000 flights canceled

More than 1,000 flights have been canceled Tuesday, with airports in New York City and Boston hit the hardest.

Feb 13, 5:52 AM
50 million Americans on alert for heavy snow

Some 50 million Americans are on alert for heavy snow in the northeastern United States on Tuesday, as a storm is forecast to hit the region in the morning hours before exiting by the afternoon.

It’s the first time in two years that the National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for New York City.

Rain began changing to snow early Tuesday and much of New York City was already under snow by 5 a.m. ET. The freezing line hadn’t quite made it to Philadelphia at that time but was expected to soon.

Since this is a wet snow falling into temperatures that are generally at or above freezing, the initial accumulation on the ground will melt before it starts to stick.

Snowfall rates are expected to be moderate, from 1 to 2 inches per hour, with heavier bands mixed in at times.

Winds are forecast to gust 20 to 40 miles per hour, blowing the snow and reducing visibility. However, due to the wet nature of the snow, blizzard-like conditions were generally not expected and should only be short-lived if they occur at all.

Coastal flooding was also expected to be an issue from Washington, D.C., to Delaware to New Jersey and Long Island and then from Cape Cod to Boston and Portland.

Feb 13, 4:00 AM
New York City, Boston close schools

New York City’s public schools, the largest system in the country, will be closed Tuesday, with classes moving to remote learning, Mayor Eric Adams announced.

This marks the first time in two years that New York City has been under a winter storm watch.

Boston Public Schools will also be closed Tuesday.

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