Jan. 6 defendant who allegedly sent antisemitic threats to federal agents resists arrest in court


(WASHINGTON) — A Jan. 6 defendant who allegedly sent multiple antisemitic, doxxing threats to federal agents connected to his case violently resisted arrest in D.C. federal court Monday after being ordered detained by a judge as he awaits sentencing on several felony and misdemeanor convictions.

Vitali GossJankowski, a former student at D.C.’s Gallaudet University, was found guilty by a jury earlier this year for assaulting officers during the Capitol attack, including with an electroshock device. GossJankowski was acquitted of using a deadly or dangerous weapon during the riot.

While he was initially ordered released from custody as he awaited sentencing, Judge Paul Friedman scheduled a hearing for Monday morning after federal prosecutors reported multiple menacing texts and posts they said he had sent targeting law enforcement, including one officer who had testified during his trial.

According to prosecutors, the agent he allegedly texted was one who had arranged his first interview with the FBI and ultimately arrested him in 2021 following the Capitol attack.

“As noted, since last weekend, the defendant’s conduct has escalated significantly,” prosecutors wrote in their filing earlier this month. “Previously, the defendant had used his social media to track and publicly harass members of law enforcement and the FBI’s Washington Field Office. This alone was concerning. But now, he has sent intimidating, direct messages to a specific law enforcement officer who previously testified in this case.”

An official with the U.S. Attorney’s Office confirmed to ABC News that when Judge Paul Friedman ordered GossJankowski detained during Monday’s hearing, he resisted arrest by several FBI agents and U.S. Marshals.

“Multiple FBI and USMS agents were required to assist to detain the defendant and ensure the safety of the courtroom,” the official told ABC News. “An investigation related to the defendant’s conduct is ongoing.”

“The end of today’s hearing was a confusing and emotional moment for Mr. GossJankowski and not at all in line with the character he has demonstrated through his many months on release. He never violated any terms of his release or made any threats …” his attorney Matthew Peed said in a statement.

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