Former soldier accused of threatening to kill military personnel


(PETALUMA, Calif.) — Federal prosecutors in Southern California have announced charges against 41-year-old Christian Beyer of Petaluma, California, who is accused of posting a YouTube video in which he threatened to kill military personnel who he believed had done him wrong at Fort Irwin in Southern California.

Beyer is an Army veteran who was court martialed in 2021 for assault and had been stationed at Fort Irwin.

In one YouTube video, prosecutors allege, he said “I had a great life and will die for what I believe in. If you come to get me and you have a uniform on you’re an enemy and I will not look at you as anything else.”

The military was worried that Beyer knew how to access Fort Irwin through means other than main gates.

Beyer was arrested Wednesday at his father’s home in Sonoma County.

On Oct. 30, he also allegedly got into a fight with a group of elderly people and reportedly pulled out a knife before driving his car toward the group and fleeing the scene.

A subsequent manhunt was launched for the suspect leading to Beyer’s arrest.

The FBI is part of the YouTube threats case as is its Joint Terrorism Task Force. Beyer has been charged with interstate threats which could bring a sentence of five years in federal prison.

Beyer is currently being held without bond and the investigation continues.

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