Batting cage accident leaves high school senior in coma after being hit in head with baseball bat


(NEW YORK) — A high school senior is in a coma after he was hit in the head by a baseball bat in the campus batting cages, school officials said.

Jeremy Medina, a senior at Gainesville High School — located approximately 55 miles northeast of Atlanta, Georgia — who was a pitcher and catcher for the school’s 2022 baseball team, is currently in a coma following being “accidentally struck in the head by a baseball bat while at the batting cage on campus,” according to a statement from the Gainesville School System published on social media on Wednesday.

Details of the accident, which occurred on Monday afternoon at 1:20 p.m. in the school’s batting cages, were not immediately known and school officials have only confirmed that Medina was left in a coma following the incident.

“Medina remains in a coma at Northeast Georgia Medical Center,” school officials said. “Jeremy and his family are firm believers in Jesus Christ and His redemptive love and are requesting prayer during this extremely difficult time.”

Nearby Chestatee High School’s baseball team posted in support of Medina after learning of the upsetting news.

“We are praying for our neighbor and baseball friend at Gainesville,” read Chestatee’s post on social media. “The baseball community is tight and We send all our love and prayers to the players, coaches and Gainesville Baseball family.”


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