Timothée Chalamet immersing himself in unreleased Bob Dylan music for movie role


Timothée Chalamet has been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan as he gets ready to play the iconic musician in the film A Complete Unknown, but he’s not just limiting himself to your typical Dylan hits. 

In an interview with MTV, Chalamet says that Dylan is probably the artist he listened to most in 2023 and got some help with his playlist from the rocker’s manager Jeff Rosen

“This might earn the ire and wrath of a lot of Bob fans, rightfully,” Chalamet says. “He sent me like a 12-hour playlist of unreleased Bob stuff from like 1959 to ’64.”

Chalamet says some of the music can actually be found online, but there are others songs that don’t seem to be available.

“I feel like I’m holding onto gold or something,” he says, adding, “some of it I’d love to sneak in the movie.” 

A Complete Unknown, to be directed by James Mangold, has been in the works for four years, but in all that time, Chalamet hasn’t met or sung for Dylan and he’s not necessarily sure he wants that to change.

“I would love to meet him now but my feeling for the last four years was God forbid I met him and he was like ‘No,’” he says. “All this hard work will go down the drain.”

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