The Kinks’ Dave Davies “quite pleased” with ‘The Journey’


The Kinks are in the midst of a two-year celebration of their 60th anniversary, which includes two box sets: The Journey — Part 1, which came out in March, and the recently released The Journey — Part 2.

The sets feature Kinks hits, as well as deep cuts and more, and The Kinks’ Dave Davies tells ABC Audio he’s “quite pleased with the way it turned out.”

“I think there’s a lot of really important music on it,” he says. “It gives a chance for people who aren’t that familiar with the non-hits” to discover the tunes. He notes,  “They all work nicely on a compilation like this.”

Dave says he was happy to see the song “Lincoln County” make it on Part 2, along with “God’s Children,” written by his brother Ray Davies. “I’ve always loved it, the lyric, and the melody, the whole concept,” he shares.

The sets also feature live tracks and B-sides; Dave suggests there’s even more unreleased music to be heard, even if the songs aren’t perfect.

“I don’t know if they’ll ever see the light of day but over the years I’ve become less critical,” he says. “Songs have foibles and weird s*** and I think it’s all important aspects of recording. We’ve been doing it for so long it’s kinda nice to hear the nuances.”

As for whether fans will be hearing new music from The Kinks anytime soon, Dave seems hopeful it’ll happen.

“I don’t know but me and Ray played on tracks that’ve been sitting around, that we didn’t quite finish and are too good to just shelve,” he says, “so it’s very possible.”

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