Sydney Sweeney “felt hot” in The Rolling Stones’ “Angry” video


Blur’s Damon Albarn recently blasted The Rolling Stones and their album Hackney Diamonds, specifically calling out the video for the first single, “Angry,” because he felt it “objectified” actress Sydney Sweeney. Well, Sweeney doesn’t see it that way.

“I felt hot,” she tells Glamour about the video, in which she rides around Los Angeles in a convertible while rocking out to the song. “I picked my own outfit out of racks and racks of clothes. I felt so good in it.”  

Albarn isn’t the only person to call out the video, but Sweeney doesn’t really understand all the backlash.

“One of the questions I get is, ‘Are you a feminist?"” she says. “I find empowerment through embracing the body that I have. That’s sexy and strong, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.”

She noted, “I’m in a Rolling Stones video. How cool and iconic is that? I felt so good.”

“I mean, who else gets to roll around on the top of a convertible driving down Sunset Boulevard with police escorts? It’s the cool things in this career that I had no idea I’d get to do,” she adds.

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