Rich Robinson on The Black Crowes’ new album: brother Chris sounds “better than ever”


The Black Crowes just announced they’ll be releasing their first album of new music in 15 years, Happiness Bastards, on March 15. Brothers Chris and Rich Robinson called it quits on The Crowes in 2015 before reuniting in 2019. While you’d think their past relationship problems may have been an issue when they went to write music again, Rich says that wasn’t really the case.

“I wouldn’t say we had to repair our writing relationship, because that was never an issue,” Rich tells Rolling Stone magazine. “That was always the one natural thing, with very little volatility — when we would sit down to write, for whatever reason.”

Of course they still had work to do so they didn’t run into the problems they’ve had in the past.

“Everything else was just making the decision to be adults, and not fall back into those sort of old patterns,” Rich adds. “But us getting back together and being cool and just getting it to that place lifts everything up.”

It’s been almost 34 years since The Black Crowes released their debut album, Shake Your Money Maker, but Rich says fans shouldn’t expect a drastically different sound on the new album.

“I write how I write, like it or hate it. I think Chris is the same way,” he says. “We have always followed our heart, followed our ears where we choose to. Sometimes to our commercial detriment.” 

And Rich assures fans they will like what they hear on the record, noting, “Chris sounds f****** better than ever, in my opinion.”

Happiness Bastards is available for preorder now.

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