Peter Gabriel to release new album,’ i/o’, in December


Peter Gabriel has spent the past year giving fans previews of his new album, i/o, dropping a new song with each full moon. Now, he’s finally ready to share the entire project. The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer is set to release the 12-track record December 1. It will be his first album of new material since 2010’s Scratch My Back.  

“After a years-worth of full moon releases, I’m very happy to see all these new songs back together on the good ship i/o and ready for their journey out into the world,” Gabriel shares. 

All songs on the album are getting two stereo mixes: the Bright-Side Mix by Mark “Spike” Stent and the Dark-Side Mix by Tchad Blake. Each artist’s mix will be part of a double-CD package and will also be available as separate double vinyls.  

“We have two of the greatest mixers in the world in Tchad and Spike and they definitely bring different characters to the songs,” Gabriel explains. “Tchad is very much a sculptor building a journey with sound and drama, Spike loves sound and assembling these pictures, so he’s more of a painter.”

There will also be a third remix, the In-Side Mix in Dolby Atmos, by Hans-Martin Buff, which will be included in a separate three-disc set that also includes a Blu-ray. 

Peter Gabriel’s i/o is available for preorder now. 

Here is the track list:

“The Court”
“Playing for Time”
“Four Kinds of Horses”
“Road to Joy”
“So Much”
“Olive Tree”
“Love Can Heal”
“This Is Home”
“And Still”
“Live And Let Live”

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