New George Thorogood & The Destroyers exhibit opens at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


The 50-year career of George Thorogood & The Destroyers is being celebrated by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with a Legends of Rock exhibit.

Launching Tuesday, December 12, the exhibit will feature wardrobe, instruments, gear and more from the band’s half a century career.

Some of the items featured in the exhibit include: Thorogood’s Gibson ES-125TDC electric guitar and his custom faux snakeskin jacket, the late Hank Carter’s Selmer Super Action Series II alto saxophone, the Checker Marathon roof sign from the taxi the band drove during their 50 States/50 Dates tour, and a speaker that was part of the band’s original P.A. system.

“For the past fifty years, we’ve spent nearly every night making music,” Thorogood shares. “According to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, we were also making history. Our heart and soul have been in this since day one; rock fans recognize that. The band and I are enormously humbled by this honor.”

The new exhibit follows a series of other 50th anniversary celebrations, including a sold-out November event at the Grammy Museum that featured a conversation with the band and a live performance.

George Thorogood & The Destroyers launched their live career with a show at The University of Delaware’s Lane Hall on December 1, 1973.

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