Hearing set for Thursday in Daryl Hall & John Oates legal dispute


A hearing regarding the legal dispute between Daryl Hall and John Oates is set for the morning of November 30 in Nashville.

The hearing is to rule on the temporary injunction that Hall has requested against Oates. At issue, court documents say, is Oates’ plan to sell 100% of his interest in his and Hall’s limited liability partnership, Whole Oates Enterprises LLP.

According to the documents, Oates’ plan to do so is unauthorized, because he can’t sell his part of the company without Hall’s consent, which he did not obtain. Hall says in the documents that Oates and his co-defendants, including his wife Aimee, engaged in the transaction “completely behind my back and without my written approval.”

Furthermore, the documents allege, Oates shared confidential information about the LLP with his prospective buyer, Primary Wave Music, without getting Hall’s permission.

Hall goes on to claim that, “most egregiously,” Oates did this while they were in the middle of a mediation to determine what was going to happen with the assets of Whole Oates Enterprises.

As a result, Hall is saying Oates’ actions represent an “indisputable breach of contract,” as well as a “completely clandestine and bad faith move,” which is why he wants an injunction against Oates’ alleged deal with Primary Wave.

Hall further claims that Oates’ actions have caused “tremendous upheaval, harm and difficulty in my life,” and that they happened while he is “in the middle of a tour … and needs to focus and perform at top level.” 

Hall concludes, “Respectfully, he must be stopped from this latest wrongdoing and his malicious conduct reigned in once and for all.”

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