Geddy Lee reveals the Rush albums he’d pick for the big screen


Rush’s Geddy Lee can see the band’s music being turned into a film one day. 

Speaking to Vulture, Lee, who just released his memoir My Effin Life, was asked what song he thought could be adapted to a screenplay. He couldn’t quite narrow it down to one.

He says the 1976 album 2112 seems to be the easiest to turn into a movie, noting it’s “obvious as a sci-fi story of ‘the individual against the collective.’”

“I think the setting of it would lend itself to visual interpretation. Whether that’s been done too much, I don’t know,” he says. “You’ve got generations of Star Wars films. It’s not new territory, but there’s something in that story that would translate into the genre.”

He says there have been ideas for 2112 films over the years “but nothing has ever really made us want to go down that road.”

But Geddy thinks 2012’s Clockwork Angels would make a better film or series.

“It’s based on a classic story of a naïve and innocent person going out into the world, and running away to try to find the place to make his dreams come true,” he shares. “That really would lend itself to a fantasy story, but not necessarily a sci-fi fantasy story.” 

“When you look at what’s been done with shows like The Last of Us or Game of Thrones, you can take cinema anywhere now. Yet the story at the heart of Clockwork Angels is a full circle of life,” he adds.

Geddy says his late bandmate Neil Peart also wanted to see a Clockwork Angels adaptation. “It was a big deal for him, and he had done some work in the hopes he could make something like that happen,” he says. “Maybe one day.”

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