Foghat brings the ‘Sonic Mojo’ with new album


It’s been over 50 years since Foghat released their self-titled debut album and they are still making music. In fact, they’ll release their 17th studio album, Sonic Mojo, on November 10.

The album features three new songs co-written by founding member/drummer Roger Earl, along with guitarist Bryan Bassett, bassist Rodney O’Quinn and singer/guitarist Scott Holt. It also includes three songs co-written by Earl’s former Savoy Brown bandmate Kim Simmonds before he passed away in December 2022.

Discussing Simmonds, Earl tells ABC Audio that in addition to being a great blues guitarist, he was “an incredible writer.”

“The amount of songs that he’s written, every year you would have a new record out,” Earl says.

Simmonds expressed interest in writing songs for the band after a jam session at a Nashville studio; Earl agreed, as long as Simmons agreed to play on them.

“He sent me four tracks, and then after that, he started getting ill so he couldn’t play on it,” Earl says. “We actually did three of them. They’re fantastic songs and some of the best songs on the record, I think.”

With Sonic Mojo, Foghat fans can expect to hear songs that blend with the music they’re accustomed to hearing from the band. Earl notes that even though the lineup’s changed over the years, they don’t stray too far from the music fans love.

“Everybody is steeped in American classic music,” he says of his bandmates. “Foghat sound is, you know, it’s what it always was, a blues rock ‘n’ roll band and all the other stuff that comes out of America.” 

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