Cher reveals where she would go if she could “turn back time”


While in the U.K. to promote her new holiday album, Cher submitted herself to the popular online series Chicken Shop Date, which features comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg awkwardly interviewing huge stars in fried chicken restaurants.

In the roughly five-minute interview, Cher reveals a variety of interesting tidbits about herself, including where she’d go if she really could “turn back time,” like her hit song says. “I would go back to when I was forty,” Cher laughs. “It was pretty good. I had fabulous boyfriends.”

She also reveals some interesting tidbits about herself, including:

–She turned down the chance to sleep with Elvis Presley because she was “frightened.”

–She once stole a car.

–She believes one thing every woman should do is “go out with a younger man.”

–She dates younger men because “older men just do not like me.”

–She doesn’t cook Christmas dinner, and she prefers a real Christmas tree.

–She could live without men, but “it’s not as much fun.”

–She thinks she’s sometimes been a risk-taker and other times, she’s been “kind of a baby.”

–She doesn’t gamble, explaining, “When I put money down, I want a pair of shoes, or a house.”

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