Bono on U2’s next album: “We have to give them a reason to be interested in it”


Bono has previously said that U2’s next album will be a rock record, and now he’s giving fans some insight into what he means by that.  

“I announced it, without discussion, as ‘an unreasonable guitar record,’” he tells Mojo. “And Edge called me up and goes, ‘How unreasonable?’ And I said, ‘As unreasonable as you’re ready to take it.’”

But when fans will actually hear that record is still up in the air. Not only is U2 busy with their Las Vegas residency, U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere, they are also waiting for drummer Larry Mullen Jr. to recover from surgery. 

“Starting work on new songs is somewhat tied to Larry’s situation,” bassist Adam Clayton says. “Could he commit to an album project? I don’t know.” 

But when they do finally get that album out, Bono wants to make sure it’s something special.

“I don’t think the world is waiting on the next U2 album,” he says. “I think we have to give them a reason to be interested in it.”

Bono adds, “I just want to write great tunes, because that’s where U2 started – with big choruses, clear ideas. And let’s go back there, but do it with some petrol and some matches.”

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