ABBA’s Agnetha Fältskog shares new ‘A+’ track, “I Should’ve Followed You Home”


ABBA’s Agnetha Fältskog [Ang-NE-ta FELT-schoo-g] has shared another track from her upcoming album, A+, a reimagining of her last solo record, 2013’s A.

The latest is a new version of the tune “I Should’ve Followed You Home,” a duet with Take That’s Gary Barlow.

“It was a highlight to sing a song together with Gary. He’s a very nice guy,” Agnetha shares. “It was great to hear that Gary also likes this new version. Listen when the castanets come in, it’s great.” 

A+ has the original album’s producer Jörgen Elofsson working alongside fellow producer Anton “Hybrid” Mårtensson to reimagine A in an entirely new way, with fresh productions and arrangements.

“When we made A ten years ago, it was a bit of a reaction against EDM and the dance music that dominated the pop world at the time,” Agnetha says. “We therefore did something that was exactly the opposite.” She adds, “Now, when we brought the songs into today’s music world, we were all surprised by how well it works. The songs have blossomed into the pop songs they are at their core.”

A+, dropping October 13, is available for preorder now. You can listen to “I Should’ve Followed You Home” now via digital outlets and on YouTube.

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