Tool’s Justin Chancellor feels “click” of ‘Fear Inoculum’ live: “People have been loving it”


For 13 years, Tool shows didn’t feature any new songs. But that finally changed with the release of Fear Inoculum in 2019.

Since putting out their comeback album, Tool’s been consistently touring, give or take a worldwide pandemic. They return to the road for a winter U.S. tour kicking off Wednesday, January 10, in Baltimore. As Tool’s continued to put more Fear Inoculum material into the live set, bassist Justin Chancellor‘s noticed fans connecting more strongly to the newer stuff.

“You feel that reaction when it starts to click, with the four of us playing it live, when we start to get really slick at it and start to really feel the dynamics of those songs,” Chancellor tells ABC Audio.

Most of the songs off Fear Inoculum are over 10 minutes long and include a variety of intricate musical elements.

“It’s not easy at first to reproduce it on the stage, you really gotta get used to it,” Chancellor says. “But … you can tell when it’s good, ’cause you really get that energy back. So yeah, people have been loving it.”

Meanwhile, Tool’s begun thinking of a possible follow-up to Fear Inoculum. A new Revolver profile reports that the group might opt for an EP for their next release.

“It could flip-flop and we could just go back to doing an Undertow [type of] record,” drummer Danny Carey tells Revolver, referring to Tool’s — relatively — shorter debut album. “That’s kind of appealing to me. I always like change, whatever direction it goes.”

“We’re free agents now,” Carey adds. “We aren’t signed to a label anymore. We are free to do whatever we want.”

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