The xx is working on new music: “It’s exciting to be starting again”


The xx is back to working on new music.

Speaking with NME, vocalist/guitarist Romy Madley Croft confirms that she’s returned to the studio with bandmates Oliver Sim and Jamie xx.

“It’s fun, it’s quite different being in the studio with The xx,” Croft says.

The xx’s most recent album is 2017’s I See You. Since then, both Croft and Sim have released their debut solo albums, 2023’s Mid Air and 2022’s Hideous Bastard, respectively.

“I think Oliver and Jamie and I have all tried new things and learned a lot from different projects and I think that’s quite healthy to be like, ‘What have you learned? What should we do now?"” Croft shares. “And I think it’s quite wide open and it’s exciting to be starting again in a way. But we’ve started making some music and I’m really excited about it.”

“It’s still pretty early [but] I still think you’ll be able to tell it’s us but I think we’re excited to move it on and keep it feeling fresh,” she adds.

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