The Struts mix the classic & experimental on new album, ’Pretty Vicious’


The Struts‘ new album, Pretty Vicious, is pretty surprising.

The fourth studio effort from the “Could Have Been Me” rockers takes their sound in some unexpected directions, exemplified by the dark and moody title track.

“We’re known for big, sort of in-your-face rock songs that have massive choruses, for instance,” frontman Luke Spiller tells ABC Audio. “In my opinion — I think it’s a shared collective opinion — ‘Pretty Vicious’ is a really, really, really strong song, but it’s something really, really different.”

The sound “Pretty Vicious” feels even more surprising given that the album’s lead single and opening track, “Too Good at Raising Hell,” has a real classic Struts feel to it. However, Spiller feels that, within the familiarity of “Too Good at Raising Hell,” there are hints of the left turns to come.

“In a way, ‘Too Good at Raising Hell’ has a lot of elements of what the rest of the record has,” Spiller explains. “It is still Struts, but even in the verses, verse one and verse two are very different, a little bit experimental. The lyric is, like, really cheeky, but somewhat, like, super autobiographical and sincere.”

Spiller adds that “Too Good at Raising Hell” is a fitting jumping off point for a winding journey that is the Pretty Vicious album, which comes to a close with a cover of the Ian Hunter song “Irene Wilde,” renamed here as “Somebody Someday.”

“It closes with a song that, in many ways, is reminiscing about the very beginnings of chasing that dream,” Spiller says.

Pretty Vicious is out now. The Struts will launch a U.S. tour November 6 in Louisville, Kentucky.

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