Something Corporate hoping to “connect with the fans who’ve missed us” at WWWY reunion shows


Andrew McMahon‘s band Something Corporate is reuniting for the 2023 When We Were Young festival, taking place October 21-22. The “I Woke Up in a Car” outfit will also play a pre-festival show on October 20, marking their first full concert in over 10 years.

Speaking to ABC Audio about the Something Corporate reunion performances, McMahon teases that the band will “try and pick a set list of songs that really spell out where we were in that time in our lives.”

“Hopefully [we’ll] really connect with the fans who’ve missed us,” McMahon says.

The 2023 When We Were Young lineup follows in the tradition of the 2022 festival and its 2000s-era emo and pop-punk bill. The announcement of WWWY 2022 was met with a huge response, and McMahon thinks “something in the air” led to the increased nostalgia for that type of music. In fact, McMahon’s In the Wilderness project booked a 2022 tour with Dashboard Confessional before either of them heard of When We Were Young.

“I had made plans to go tour with [Dashboard frontman] Chris [Carrabba], and we thought we were being really innovative and clever,” McMahon recalls. “I think to an extent we were, because there hadn’t been a lot of these packages put on the road in a while. And then all of the sudden we saw that festival come up.”

When When Were Young 2022 was announced, and McMahon was “mildly offended” Something Corporate wasn’t included on that bill.

“But they made good on it and invited us this year, so I’m excited,” McMahon says.

When We Were Young 2023 will headlined by Green Day and blink-182.

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