Royal Blood answers “what’s missing” from live show with new ’Back to the Water Below’ album


Royal Blood‘s bringing their new album, Back to the Water Below, on the road, and with it, some fresh elements to the duo’s live show.

“We always think about the live show when we’re making music,” frontman Mike Kerr tells ABC Audio. “I mean, that’s the point of our band, that’s why we started.”

“We’re always thinking about, when we look down at the set list, what’s missing? What do we wish we had?” he adds. “And I think a lot of the songs on this record were answering a lot of those questions.”

One thing Back to the Water Below adds to Royal Blood’s sound is the increased presence of piano, which was actually Kerr’s first instrument before he picked up the bass. So will we see Kerr play more piano on tour?

“I’m trying to play as much piano as I can, but I always end up playing the bass,” he says. “I am gunning for it, though.”

Overall, Kerr feels the Royal Blood live experience now offers “a much more dynamic show than ever.”

Royal Blood’s U.S. headlining tour kicks off Monday, September 18, in Detroit. Back to the Water is out now.

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