Pete Wentz ponders the “next big thing Fall Out Boy does”: “It could go anywhere”


Fall Out Boy returned in 2023 with So Much (for) Stardust, their first album in five years. As for what’s next for the “Dance, Dance” outfit, bassist Pete Wentz says the wheels are starting to turn.

“There’s potential for us to do the occasional single here and there, but I’ve really been thinking about the next big thing Fall Out Boy does,” Wentz tells NME. “It’s extremely difficult to come up with something that feels new, that also feels clever, that doesn’t feel like it’s chasing something.”

Wentz notes that recording So Much (for) Stardust amid the COVID-19 pandemic gave Fall Out Boy a “new perspective on the band.”

“Whatever comes next, it could go anywhere, but it has to be something that’s a little bit beyond what we’ve done before,” Wentz shares. “It could be a musical, but I don’t think we can just get together in a studio in Los Angeles and follow this record up. That just can’t happen for us to be creatively satisfied.”

As for Fall Out Boy’s concrete upcoming plans, the group will launch a U.S. arena tour in February and is set to headline the U.K.’s 2024 Download Festival in June, which traditionally focuses on metal and hard rock artists.

“So many of the bands who have headlined Download before have been such a big influence on us,” Wentz says. “We grew up watching videos of Metallica playing Donington and most of our band was informed by that era of the band.”

“Headlining a festival for the first time is always a new thing though,” he adds. “We’re not stressed about it, but we want to honor the festival and honor the bands that have played before us.”

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