Patrick Stump recalls playing for “three or four people” during first Fall Out Boy show: “We were horrible”


Fall Out Boy will launch an arena tour in 2024, playing famed venues such as New York City’s Madison Square Garden. They’ve certainly come a long way since they played their very first show in 2001, which took place in the cafeteria of Chicago’s DePaul University.

“We were playing with some pretty cool math-rock and emo bands,” vocalist Patrick Stump tells Kerrang! “When we got out there, we were horrible — I mean really terrible — and there were about three or four people there.”

“I can’t remember what our band name was at the time,” he continues. “It wasn’t Fall Out Boy, and we were tossing some names around. I remember suggesting one of the names we had in mind to the drummer in one of the other bands and him telling me it sucked.”

The group’s lineup at the time featured a guitarist who Stump had “only met the week before and I’ve never seen since.”

“I hope he’s doing good things,” Stump says. “I heard he became a bike messenger. I cannot imagine a humbler beginning for a first show!”

Fall Out Boy’s 2024 tour kicks off in February. They’ll be supporting their latest album, So Much (for) Stardust, which dropped in March.

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