One more rep: Travis Barker provides drums for Peloton class


Travis Barker is here to bring extra energy to your exercise routine.

As revealed by Billboard, the blink-182 drummer will be playing along during a Peloton shadowboxing class. He’ll be providing beats as instructor Kendall Toole leads the session, marking the first time a Peloton class will feature a live musician performance.

“Being the first musician ever to perform in a Peloton class has been an epic experience,” Barker shares. “Knowing that millions of people across the globe will watch me and Kendall do our thing is super exciting.”

“It was an absolute thrill to teach alongside Travis,” adds Toole. “Travis is someone who I have grown up listening to who also shares my passion for movement and music so collaborating together was natural and effortless.”

The Barker-soundtracked class is part of Peloton’s blink-182 Artist Series, which launches Thursday, November 16, on the Peloton app.

A Peloton class is the latest nontraditional venue to showcase Barker’s drumming skills. As previously reported, Barker shared a video of himself drumming along to his new baby’s heartbeat while in the hospital with wife Kourtney Kardashian.

You can see also see Barker drum on blink-182’s 2024 tour in support of their reunion album, ONE MORE TIME…, which dropped in October. The U.S. leg begins in June.


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