One more album? Lost Daft Punk record might be “coming out of the locker”


While Daft Punk broke up in 2021, the electronic robot duo has continued to put out archival material, such as 2023’s 10th anniversary edition of their final album, 2013’s Random Access Memories. Now we’ve learned of a whole lost Daft Punk record that might see the light of day.

That revelation comes from session drummer Quinn, who played on Random Access Memories. In an interview with the program 26:46, Quinn shares that he started working with the “Get Lucky” outfit on a possible Random Access Memories follow-up in 2018.

“I think I did four or five days, just unbelievable, it was amazing and creative,” Quinn shares of the sessions, adding that they took more of a “spontaneous” approach.

As for the status of the album now, Quinn says that it currently “sits in limbo,” though it could be “coming out of the locker.”

“I keep checking in, I’m told that they’re working on it,” Quinn says. “I asked Daft Punk permission to talk about it for another article, ’cause they’re very secretive, as you know. And the greatest guys.”

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