Not a perfect set list: Hoobstank frontman recalls one time band didn’t play “The Reason” during concert


If you go to see Hoobastank live in concert, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll hear them play their hit “The Reason.” However, that was not the case for one show in particular.

As frontman Doug Robb tells ABC Audio, Hoobastank has left “The Reason” off the set list just once since it was first released.

“It was this really heavy show, like some kind of metal fest in Vegas,” Robb recalls. “We’re like, ‘I don’t wanna play it."”

Robb notes that Hoobastank has “played equally heavy festivals since and still played [‘The Reason’], and always still get a really positive reaction,” but for whatever reason, they just weren’t feeling it that night.

“That one time was a little bit of, like, a middle finger to anybody who wanted to hear it,” he laughs. “I’m not sure why we did it, but only one time in 20 years.”

Hoobastank’s album The Reason turned 20 in 2023. An anniversary reissue of the record is out now.

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