New-bastank? Frontman teases “some type of release” for 2024


Hoobastank released their last album, Push Pull, in 2018. Speaking with ABC Audio, frontman Doug Robb teases the arrival of new music in 2024.

“Some type of release next year, I think, is extremely reasonable to say,” Robb shares.

Whether said release will be a one-off single, an EP or a whole album, though, that’s still up in the air.

“I think we’re just gonna have to decide what we think works best, how people will consume it best, ’cause it’s very different now,” Robb says. “Maybe it’s better to do a song or two at a time, or in big chunks. We’ll see.”

While he doesn’t know the specifics, Robb declares, “Definitely next year there will be something new to listen to.”

Hoobastank’s 2023 included celebrating the 20th anniversary of their hit 2003 album The Reason, which spawned the hit title track. A special edition vinyl reissue of the record is out now.

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