Mike Shinoda shares London edition of ’Already Over Sessions’ series


Mike Shinoda heads to London in the latest installment of his Already Over Sessions series.

In each episode, the Linkin Park member recruits local musicians from a particular city to join him for a one-off performance of his new solo single, “Already Over.” Previously, Shinoda brought the Already Over Sessions to Los Angeles and Sydney.

“In making ‘Already Over,’ I wrote and played all the instruments myself,” Shinoda explains. “But to play it live, I loved the idea of playing with a range of talented musicians who were all ‘locals.’ This is the first and only time we all played together.”

During the London performance, which is streaming now on YouTube, Shinoda also led his impromptu band in a rendition of the Linkin Park song “Castle of Glass.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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