Mike Shinoda announces ’The Crimson Chapter’ EP


Mike Shinoda has announced a new EP called The Crimson Chapter.

The set is due out December 1. It includes several remixes of the Linkin Park member’s latest solo single, “Already Over,” as well as his Scream VI song “In My Head” and a new mix of his 2019 tune “fine.”

“Crimson can symbolize vigor, courage, anger, and blood…I just felt drawn to it in the context of my recent releases,” Shinoda says. “This chapter takes some of my favorite things about releasing music — the songs, games, challenges, and visuals — and assembles them in a different way.”

You can listen to one of the “Already Over” remixes, dubbed the Fort Minor Mix” and featuring Brockhampton‘s Dom McLennon, now via digital outlets.

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