Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong shares how upcoming ‘Saviors’ album reminds him of ’American Idiot’


Green Day‘s upcoming album Saviors reminds Billie Joe Armstrong of the band’s 2004 opus, American Idiot, not necessarily musically, but in their mindset heading into recording both albums.

“When I think about American Idiot, I think of where [1997’s] Nimrod and [2000’s] Warning were these records where we were in the studio learning, and trying to further our musical knowledge,” Armstrong tells Kerrang! “That’s sort of the way that I feel right now, too, because [2020’s] Father of All… was one of those moments where we were like, ‘Let’s try something new."”

“We learned so much from it,” he continues. “And it’s like it has a baby called Saviors!”

Bassist Mike Dirnt adds that he “can hear bits of each album” on Saviors, “even though it sounds fresh and new.”

“I feel like if there’s any words that always come back to Green Day, it’s energy and melody,” Dirnt says. “This record has all those things in abundance.”

Saviors, which includes the lead single “The American Dream Is Killing Me,” arrives January 19. Green Day will launch a U.S. tour in July.

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