Gallagher and Squire: No Oasis or Stone Roses songs on upcoming tour


Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher and Stone Roses guitarist John Squire have teamed up for a joint album project, Liam Gallagher & John Squire, which is coming out March 1. They’re also going to do a joint tour, but apparently no songs by either of their famous groups will be part of the set list.

Asked during an interview with England’s Radio X whether Oasis or Stone Roses songs will be part of their shows, Gallagher said, “Nah, not doing any of that. It’s gonna be just this album and maybe a few covers that we might get round to doing, but it won’t be our other bands and that, ‘cause that’s [in bad taste].”

“No, them songs mean too much to me man for me to be howling over,” Gallagher added, referring to the Stone Roses’ catalog. “I wouldn’t mind howling over the Oasis ones.” Gallagher is a Stone Roses fan and credits them with inspiring him to become a musician.

Asked what fans could expect from the album, Squire’s response was simply, “Greatness.”

So far, the duo’s only U.S. date is April 11 in Brooklyn, New York. They’ll also be playing all around the U.K., as well as in Paris, Berlin and Milan.

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