Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett pours his “life and experience and feelings and opinions” into ‘Lost at Sea’ solo album


On Chris Shiflett‘s new solo album, Lost at Sea, the Foo Fighters guitarist finds that honesty is the best policy.

“The stuff that I’m singing about, for the most part, it’s my life and experience and feelings and opinions,” Shiflett tells ABC Audio. “That’s what I try to stick to.”

While there are moments on Lost at Sea that Shiflett calls pure fiction, such as the cut “Black Top White Lines,” the stories the record tells are often true, or reflect true emotions. The opening track “Dead and Gone,” for example, is about friends from Shiflett’s hometown who’ve passed away, and how people will bury their sadness in those situations instead of taking time to grieve.

“That tonally was what I was trying to get at,” Shiflett explains. “That thing of, like, ‘I don’t have time to mourn, now that you’re dead and gone,’ but of course it f****** tears you up every time.”

Lost at Sea is out now and comes amid a busy year for Foo Fighters, who released a new album, But Here We Are, in June. As for whether writing and recording his solo stuff ever influences his approach to playing with the Foos, Shiflett isn’t sure, but he does know that he’s “always playing guitar.”

“I’m always working on stuff,” Shiflett says. “I just think it’s good, it just keeps your creative juices flowing.”

“I’ve never been one to put my guitar down for too long,” he adds. “But God, man, these last 10 years or more it just feels like it just goes from one thing to the next all the time, which I think is really, really good.”

Shiflett will play a pair of solo shows December 22-23 in Santa Barbara, California.

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