Evanescence is “itching to get in and have some writing sessions together,” says Amy Lee


Evanescence finally released their new album The Bitter Truth in 2021, the first collection of all original material from Amy Lee and company in 10 years. Judging from Lee’s latest comments, it shouldn’t take another decade to get a follow-up.

In an interview with Revolver, Lee shares that she’s starting to look toward the next Evanescence album now that they’ve wrapped up two years of touring.

“All these ideas stack up in your phone notes,” Lee says. “The pieces of things. The starts. But we’re all itching to get in and have some writing sessions together. We have plans to do that soon, but not too soon. We’re going to take a little break.”

“We’re excited to make new music soon,” she adds. “We’re in a really good place.”

Lee also reflects on Evanescence’s 2003 debut album, Fallen, which is being reissued on Friday, November 17, in honor of its 20th anniversary. She picks “Going Under” over “Bring Me to Life” as her favorite Fallen song, and explains why she doesn’t think Fallen is Evanescence’s best album.

“It’s our youngest work,” Lee says. “I was still learning how to write songs. Some of those were written when we were really young, which is amazing and beautiful and I love it. But you grow and you have more experiences.”

“I truly love The Bitter Truth better than any other album,” she continues. “And I hope that I feel that way only until we write our next album.”

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