Dirty Heads’ Jared Watson & Duddy B guest on new Katastro song, “Good Time”


Dirty Heads vocalists Jared Watson and Duddy B guest on a new song called “Good Time” by the band Katastro.

The track is based around a chorus written shortly before the death of Katastro singer Andy J. Chaves, who was killed in a car crash in 2022. Watson and Duddy, who’ve been longtime friends with Katastro members, helped complete the song by contributing their vocals.

“The morning after [Chaves’] death, I remember sitting in the grass listening to the demos we had just recorded, trying to process what happened,” says Katastro drummer Andrew Stravers. “Five months later, we were back in the studio with Duddy and Jared and they were helping us finish what we had started.”

You can listen to “Good Time” now via digital outlets.

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