Chris Martin sings IDLES song in AI recreation of Coldplay’s “Yellow” video


Look at the stars, look how they shine for … IDLES?

The English punk outfit has released a new video for their song “Grace,” which is an artificial intelligence recreation of Coldplay‘s video for “Yellow.” The clip features a deepfake Chris Martin mouthing along to the words of “Grace” as he walks along the same beach from the “Yellow” visual.

Before you feel some type of way on Coldplay’s behalf, you should know that Martin gave his blessing for the project. He also, as a press release puts it, “later helped to train the AI to make his vocal performance look more realistic.”

You can watch the “Grace” video streaming now on YouTube. The track will appear on the upcoming IDLES album, TANGK, due out Friday, February 16.

Meanwhile, the original “Yellow” video recently passed 1 billion YouTube views.

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