Brittany Howard details ’What Now’ solo album


Brittany Howard has announced the details of her next solo album, What Now.

The record is set to arrive on February 2. It’s the sophomore follow-up to the Alabama Shakes frontwoman’s 2019 debut solo effort, Jaime.

The What Now title track was released in October. A second cut titled “Red Flags” is out now on digital outlets.

“In my past relationships, I’ve had a tendency to see red flags as part of some parade just for me — something for me to run right through without paying any attention,” Howard shares. “To me ‘Red Flags’ sounds very dystopian, which makes sense for a song that feels like end-of-times as far as me emotionally maturing. It’s like a big tower fell and now I have to create something new.”

Howard will launch a U.S. tour in February.

Here’s the What Now track list:

“Earth Sign”
“I Don’t”
“What Now”
“Red Flags”
“To Be Still”
“Another Day”
“Prove It to You”
“Power to Undo”
“Every Color in Blue”

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