Billie Eilish describes Kurt Cobain influence on “What Was I Made For?”


The influence of Kurt Cobain has reached to even the Barbie movie soundtrack.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Billie Eilish describes how the late Nirvana rocker impacted her song “What Was I Made For?” — which she recorded for the Margot Robbie-starring film.

“This is kind of dark, but recently I was reading Kurt Cobain’s suicide note,” Eilish shares. “It’s horrifying. I mean, all of it is the most tragic s*** I’ve ever heard. He was such a pure person and talent. And I feel so much deep, deep, deep sorrow for him and his life and where it went.”

“In the letter he’s like, ‘I have everything in the world, and I absolutely hate it,"” she continues. “He was so ashamed that he wasn’t enjoying it. And I get why he was feeling that way. It’s just not what you think it’s going to be.”

You may recall that Nirvana drummer-turned-Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is a big fan of Eilish. He even compared her meteoric rise to that of the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” outfit.

“The connection she has with her audience is the same thing that was happening with Nirvana in 1991,” Grohl said in 2019.

By the way, Cobain also unexpectedly inspired the music for another recent blockbuster movie: 2022’s The Batman, which used the Nirvana song “Something in the Way.

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