AWOLNATION teases new album with ’Flying’ short film


Before setting “Sail” again, AWOLNATION is taking flight.

The Aaron Bruno-led outfit has shared a new short film titled Flying, in which the frontman narrates a story about wanting to ride a rope swing as a kid — an experience his classmates said felt like flying. In the video, Bruno speaks on hoping to harness that feeling of flying once more.

“I could be actively having a nightmare, and if I focus really hard, or just remember to, I can fly or wake up,” Bruno says in the contemplative voice-over. “And then the nightmare is gone, and everything becomes beautiful all of the sudden instead of scary.”

You can watch Flying streaming now on YouTube.

Meanwhile, in an accompanying Instagram post, AWOLNATION teases, “Next year we fly… New album and much more in 2024!”

AWOLNATION’s most recent album is 2020’s Angel Miners & the Lightning Riders. They’ve since put out a trio of singles — “Freaking Me Out,” “We Are All Insane” and “Candy Pop” — as well as a covers compilation, 2022’s My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers and Me.

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